Stop Stealing Your Customers Blind!

Of course, you and I both know you are not stealing from your customers. Some would have people believing differently.  "As a retired Minneapolis optician I can tell you first hand that we bought our lenses in bulk and most single vision lenses cost less than $2.00 a...

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ABC Slams LensCrafters Opticians

An ABC affiliate in Fort Worth did what can only be considered a hit piece last week in which they had bifocal prescriptions filled at WalMart, Costco, Target, and LensCrafters then had three optometrists inspect the resulting lenses to determine if they met their...

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6 Tips for Driving at Night with Corrective Lenses

Now that we are back on daylight savings time and many are commuting home in the dark, it is important to remind eyecare consumers about what they should and should not do to improve their vision while driving at night. Here are six tips to help do just that: 1. Never...

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10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Now

1. Put a personal face on your business – Blogging allows you to have conversations with your readers and customers about things both you and they care about. 2. Make your online presence easier to find – Search engines like blogs. 3. A blog can supplement your...

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Giving Away the Store

The feature article in this month’s Eyecare Business magazine declares offering free optical services such as frame adjustments, nose pad replacements, screw tightening, etc. is bad for business. The author argues that these value-added services somehow diminish the...

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Does Your Business Run Your Life?

Do you own an optical business? Or does your optical business own you? I have long subscribed to the belief that entrepreneurs should work on their business not in their business or at least spend more of their time on the former, so they can have their business...

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Attracting New Customers

Having achieved phenominal results in Japan, benefits of this new method of advertising are being considered by ODs and opticians across the U.S. to bring new customers into their dispensaries. ABO and COPE seminars on the way. [youtube PkV5pL5ADPw]

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9 Ways to Promote Your Business on the Cheap

The folks at SmartFuel Marketing have put together a list of 9 10 effective ways to promote your small business on the cheap. Note that virtually all of these methods involve providing potential customers with something of value, making it easy for them to find you,...

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10 Steps to Having Motivated Employees Who Kick Ass

You pay your employees a decent wage, but they don’t perform. You tell them over and over what they need to do, but they don’t listen. You correct them continuously and they still don’t get it right. You pay them more and offer benefits, but they slack-off. You make...

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Buy One Pair Get the Second Free

What if instead of the standard "buy one frame, get the second pair free" promotion - which if you’ve been reading, you know I am not a big fan of - you ran it with a twist. The twist is: to receive the second pair, the customer must give it as a gift. The gift gives...

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