Low Vision

Low Vision Care: An Overview

Low vision patients are the most under-treated, under-referred and generally overlooked patients in many eyecare practices. With the current growth in the elderly population, this may be a perfect time to re-evaluate your approach to this ever-expanding group of patients. Classically, low vision patients are thought of as patients with an irreversible vision loss, usually beyond the 6/18 level in the better eye. This 6/18 acuity level is a somewhat arbitrary point, chosen because this is the acuity level below which patients begin having increased difficulty reading newspaper print, utility...

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Take a Second Look at Low Vision Care

Aging boomers mean that low vision services can be lucrative for your practice. In the United States, vision loss that can't be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or surgery is the third most common ailment affecting individuals over 65 years of age (exceeded only by arthritis and heart disease). An estimated 14 million to 22 million Americans have suffered a vision loss that affects their independence and safety. Because the fastest growing segment of the population in North America is 55 years of age and older, the number of low vision patients will continue to grow rapidly over the...

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