Integrity Freeform Lenses

Integrity Freeform Lenses

Integrity Series Freeform Lenses – Freeform Your Way

Declare independence and free yourself from the restrictions of brand name lens designs.

Forget about availability. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Choose Integrity Freeform from 4 levels (Good, Better, Best, Way-Best):


Basic - Digitally surfaced, non-compensated (Rx as prescribed)

Universal - Digitally surfaced, Digital Ray Path Compensated for eye movement using default wear position

Ultimate -  Digitally surfaced, Digital Ray Path Compensated for eye movement using actual wear position

Camber - Digitally surfaced, Digital Ray Path Compensated with a variable front curve to dramatically reduce distortion

Then Choose Your Integrity Design Based On Lifestyle:

Rogue [Ne] - Near
Resolve [Ba] - Balanced
Rebel [Di] - Distance
Recruit [Nw] - New Wearer

Ultimate or Universal
Review [Ba] - Balanced
Renegade [Di] - Distance
Rookie [Nw] - New Wearer

Radical [Sv] - Single Vision
Revise [Xs] - Xtra Short
Reboot [Cp] - Computer/Office
Relieve [Af] - Anti Fatigue
Rush [Sp] - Sport
Road Trip [Dr] - Drive


Have your Integrity series lenses custom-made in virtually any material, from plastic to 1.74; with any photochromic or polarized options available in single vision; and in more base curves than ever before.

Need it in a wrap? No problem. Wraps can be ordered with any Integrity series design at no extra charge.

Finally, perfect your lenses with any coating combination available from our TKO series coatings.

Download more information on the Integrity series of freeform lenses.

One Comment

  1. I would like to thank you for the test material you sent, get mor if possible and let you know what i have received is pracical, exactly what I wanted and is there a fee for these services. We are trying to get our employees free of their test anxienties and sample questions help tremendously.

    Thank-you very much
    Margo Brenart


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