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Taking inspiration from projects such as MIT OpenCourseware, the idea behind starting OpenOptix was to see if we could take the concept of open source and apply it to optical knowledge projects. The purpose is to encourage people in the optical community to work together in creative ways to improve the industry and ultimately optical care around the world.

Below is a list of ongoing and completed OpenOptix projects and resources, all of which are completely free to use and distribute.

Free Lens Availability Database and Progressive Lens Identifier (U.S.)

OpenOptix ABO Certification Study Guide (Downloads available)

OpenOptix ABO Certification Online Review Quizzes

OpenOptix NCLE Certification Study Guide (Working outline and partial download available)

OpenOptix Finishing Lab Manual (Working outline available)

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OpenOptix is a community initiative for which the direction and goals are determined by you. Your participation is essential to the success of OpenOptix. The more participation we have, the better the quality we can produce, and the more results we can bring about.

The initial working goals for OpenOptix:

By providing free and open access to optical education the goals of the OpenOptix initiative are to:

  • Improve optical care worldwide by providing free and open access to optical training materials, particularly for parts of the world where training materials and trained professionals may be limited.
  • Provide opportunities for optical professionals of all skill levels to review and improve their knowledge, allowing them to better serve their customers and patients
  • Provide staff training material for managers and practitioners
  • Encourage ABO certification and advanced education for opticians in the U.S.
  • Inspire innovation, creativity, and collaboration in the optical professions.