Slab-offs, glass, lenticulars, dive masks, or planos; every job that runs through the Laramy-K Optical lab is treated as a custom job, as individual as the patient who will wear it. Controlling edge thickness, for example, can be time consuming, but every Laramy-K Optical account can specify edge or center thickness on every job.

Laramy-K's experienced technicians can produce the most extreme spheres, cylinders, and prisms, in addition to slab-off and lenticular products to meet the most extreme of patients' needs.

If you have a surfacing job another optical lab says cannot be done, run it by us. We love a challenge!

High Minus

High Minus Lens
High Base Curve Lens

High Base Curve

Minus Lenticular

Minus Lenticular

Slab Off

High Plus

High Plus Lens
Dive Mask Lens

Dive Mask

Request a price list or give us a call at 800.525.1274, we'd be happy to talk with you.

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