Principles of Atoric Lens Design

Industry studies have shown that approximately 70% of all spectacle wearers receive a cylinder correction for astigmatism. Further, 50% of these wearers have corrections with over 0.50 D of cylinder power. This article will show that conventional lens design does not adequately address the peripheral optical performance of lenses with cylinder power. Moreover, it will explain how new atoric lens designs can provide superior optical performance for all patients including those with astigmatism.

Principles of Atoric Lens Design (pdf)

by Darryl Meister

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  1. Is there a difference between “toric” and “atoric”? The prefix “a-” would normally mean “not” or “non-“, so “atoric” suggests to mean “not toric” or “non-toric”. Or do I misunderstand something?

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