6 Tips for Driving at Night with Corrective Lenses

Night DrivingNow that we are back on daylight savings time and many are commuting home in the dark, it is important to remind eyecare consumers about what they should and should not do to improve their vision while driving at night. Here are six tips to help do just that:

1. Never wear tinted lenses while driving at night – So called night driving lenses with any amount of tint or polarization only reduce the already limited amount of light available to your eyes making driving more hazardous.

2. Wear lenses with AR coating – AR coatings minimize distracting internal lens reflections which can be significantly more noticeable at night.

3. Have regular eye exams and ensure your eyewear prescription is up to date – Even slightly uncorrected refractive errors can make night time driving more difficult.

4. Make sure your corrective lenses are clean – Dirty lenses can limit your view and induce glare.

5. Make sure your windshield is clean – As with corrective lenses, dirty windshields will also limit your view and induce glare.

6. Make sure your head lights are clean and properly aligned – Dirty headlights can reduce efficacy by 75%.

Bonus Tip #1: Invest in a car with an infrared vision system – While not an option for everyone, cars with built-in infrared scanners can improve safety and certainly rate high on the coolness scale.

Bonus Tip #2: Invest in a car with auto dimming rear-view mirrors – A more accessible option starting to become a standard feature, auto-dimming mirrors can greatly improve comfort and safety while driving at night.


  1. I have been using night driving glasses (tinted) and definitely they do the job. It looks like here aim is to promote AR.

  2. Hi Alex,

    If your inference comes from our recommendation against wearing colored lenses while driving at night, the FTC and Sunglasses Association of America must be guilty of the same. On the other hand if it comes from our suggestion that AR on clear corrective lenses is safer for those who drive at night, we are guilty as charged.


  3. What is wrong with polarized glasses for night driving? Clears ones. Many years age Land presented the auto industry with his invention for windshield use. they rejected it for cost reasons. big surprise there huh.

    • Hi Jim,

      There is no such thing as clear polarized glass.


  4. What about polarized camera lenses? They’re clear and they work.

  5. Polarized lenses have to have color to work. UV filters are virtually colorless, polarized filters are not.

    You are essentially trying to reduce the amount of light incident upon the eye, without reducing the amount of light incident upon the eye.


  6. Hi Admin,
    I want to buy Night Driving Goggles as I face very much Vision Problems at night only when some on-coming vehicle use High Beam instead of Low Beam. Else I can see the road ahead comfortably.
    Where I can buy Genuine Night Driving Glasses having AR Coating in India?


    Sudeep Dantkale

  7. I got a $10 pair of clip-on “night driving” amber tinted glasses to cut headlight glare, related to my cataracts. During a 1 hour ride at night with someone else driving, I estimated the amount of glare reduction from headlights of oncoming cars by alternately using and not using the clip-ons. It was only about 5% or at most 10%. My conclusion: I don’t think they are worth the money. The hypothesis supporting them is nice, but it didn’t work in my experimental assessments.

  8. I am one of the chosen with Glaucoma along with a lens stitched in my right eye. I have difficulty with exceptionally bright lights, whether auto or otherwise. And the new flourescent bulbs are unacceptable to me. Likewise the new headlights coming at me cause great discomfort. Yellow night driving glasses have worked well to prevent me from being stuck inside after dark.

  9. I am an optician. I had some prescription night driving glasses made with whats called ‘polorized one’ lenses. There are 3 tints of polarization; one, two & three. ‘Three’ is the darkest like in sun glasses. ‘One’ is only about 20% solid tint. I had the best AR put on. I am extremely sensitive to headlight glare and these glasses remove so much of it that I drive in total comfort on the darkest nights even in the rain. Ask your optometrist about night driving lenses

  10. Great tips for driving at night.

  11. Thank you for clearing some of my misconceptions. I have astigmatism and get headaches with night driving. I shall be trying out front AR coated lenses.

  12. I have new glasses(clear) with AR coating and if you are correct what am I to do since I cannot afford cataract surgery. Oh, Doc said it was to soon for surgery.


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