Photo Credit: Blurry Lenses via FlickrI watched a fascinating program over the weekend on the Discovery Channel about the power of the brain in extreme situations. One of the topics covered was harnessing the power of dreams. It seems when we dream, the brain's logic center is turned off, keeping us from thinking about what cannot be done and instead allowing the free combination of ideas; thinking out of the box as it were. This is why so many great ideas and breakthroughs occur while we sleep, particularly for those who have learned to harness this abilty.

While the idea of tapping hidden brain power during sleep is intriguing, it underscores just how shackled our minds are every day by the restrictions we place upon it; knowing what "cannot" be done or perhaps even more stifling, considering what everyone else does.   

Then I came across this post by Seth Godin, which I think has more to do with bridges than resumes.

So, what is thinking like everyone else keeping you from accomplishing?

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