How do you handle no-shows? Dr. Neil Gailmard, editor of Optometric Management’s Tip of the Week points out this seemingly innocuous policy decision is a window to the core of your customer service philosophy. Do you let them slide? Do you give them stern warnings? Threaten or even charge them penalty fees? Or do you use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your extraordinary customer service?

I love Dr. Gailmard’s take on the subject.

The vast majority of ECPs don't get it. They think they are good at customer service, but once staff members begin to protect the practice from unfair treatment by the public, you go down a slippery slope. The office culture changes and the focus is no longer on showing patients how much you care. You end up perilously close to the same behavior we see in most healthcare offices: horrible customer service!

Fits right in with my philosophy on customer vs. patient.