Too many optical professionals hold sales and marketing in contempt, partly because so many sales and marketing professionals employ questionable tactics and engage in deceit. But, for some reason, many believe the acts of selling and marketing are beneath them and that their occupations are somehow nobler without them.

I say B.S!

Sales and marketing are not solely the domains lower life forms. Selling is about getting the right products and services in the hands of the people that want and need them. Marketing is about telling people who you are and why they should come to you for their needs.

Great marketers and great sales people have a passion for what they do and truly care about their customers. They do not stoop to questionable practices to be successful or effective. Their success comes from providing value, building relationships, and establishing trust.

Instead of looking down upon sales and marketing, embrace them, become better at them. As a result, you will build more relationships, help more people, and experience more success in your business and your life.

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