Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via FlickrSecond pair promotions are always a topic of industry mags and optical self-help literature. So, what could possibly be done that hasn’t already been covered a thousand times? How about a different way of thinking about your second pair promotions? Here’s a simple idea that not only encourages second pair sales, but also promotes future sales and makes your customers feel good about their purchase. Ready?

Give them a nice polo or umbrella with your name or logo on it when they purchase a second pair.

[uncomfortable silence...]

Doesn’t sound terribly earth-shattering or original, does it? But wait, there are three things that make this promotion more than just another cheap come-on. First, the name or logo on the item speaks of your company to others (okay, pretty basic). Second, the quality of the item speaks about your company to others (now, we’re getting a little better). And third, the fact that the item is something your customers will likely use outside the home gives them opportunity to speak about your business with friends and associates (ah, word of mouth; the Holy Grail of marketing!).

Always be thinking of ways to make it easier for your customers to talk about you.


Giving Away the Store