Optical Retail Success 172

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The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.

—Seth Godin


Everyone Is No One

When it matters, people never buy from you, or hire you, or tell their friends about you because you are more average or more well-rounded.

They do so because you’re exceptional in some way. Because you break the rules. Because you are different. Because you are noteworthy or remarkable.  

If you make the decision to be like everyone else or to offer the products that “everyone wants”, you’re telling the world, as Seth Godin likes to say, “We know you can choose anyone and we’re anyone.” 

Not exactly inspiring, is it?

While “everyone” may seem like a good target to sell to. It turns out that “everyone” is fickle, disloyal, and generally a pain in the ass. Everyone will jump at the first sign of a better deal. Pleasing everyone is impossible because everyone can choose anyone and anyone is quite literally, everywhere. 

Of course, when you offer the same thing as everyone else, what’s the only thing that matters? 

You guessed it. 


While perhaps counter-intuitive, the safer route may actually be to choose someone, also known as ‘finding your niche.’ Choose the people you want to serve. Double down on your strengths. Become more exceptional at something both you and they care about. While that could be less meaningful to “everyone”, it’s likely to mean far more to the people that matter to you.

The best part is that those people will pay for it. Happily. 


Authenticity: Even Better Than The Real You

Your story absolutely matters, but only to the extent that it helps people tell the story they want to tell about themselves. 

—Brian Clark

So much business and marketing advice encourages us to “be authentic.” But, what does that mean?

Most of the things we buy, we use to tell the story of who we are, what we believe, and what we aspire to be.

In business, the stories you tell with your product selection, decor, colors, signage, music, employee selection all help your customers say something about themselves. While it’s important your stories be authentic to you, it’s critical that they resonate with who you are trying to sell to.

That’s not to say you want to fictionalize your stories, but rather find the intersection of the stories you want to tell and the stories your ideal customers want to tell about themselves. Match aspects of yourself, your talents, your passions, your products, and your services with the people you want to deal with every day.

In doing so, not only do you attract the people you like, but you give them a reason to be excited about what you have to offer. That’s how you make people’s lives better. That’s how you turn customers into fans.

What’s more authentic than that?


So, by now you probably realize…

It’s Not Just About You

Let’s move from the philosophical to the practical. Your about page is a perfect opportunity to bring your “authenticity” to the forefront, to tell your visitors all the ways that you can help them, be of service to them, and most importantly, relate to them.

If you look at Google Analytics, a large portion of web traffic eventually ends up on the about page. People want to know who’s behind the curtain. For that reason, it’s a valuable place to invest some time. Here’s a guide to help you in the right direction.  


There’s No ‘I’ in Bean

Can coffee make you a better leader? Well, that might be pressing it, but in a world where it seems everything we consume is bad for us—because most of it is—it’s nice to know that at least one of our vices has some redeeming qualities. (That, of course, says nothing of all the dairy, sugar, and assorted chemicals we enjoy along with it.)

Let’s see if we can grind out how Coffee Might Actually Make You A Better Leader 


OpticianWorks Video of the Week: Tolerance Verification: PDs and OCs

What could be more fun than taking a deep dive into tolerance verification of horizontal and vertical prismatic imbalance? What if we just talk about PDs and OC heights for say 30 minutes? 


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