In just minutes a day, you too can slip-free edge super-hydrophobic lenses flawlessly!


Editors note: If you are working with our own ICE, UVARity, TKO Plus, or TKO Ultra, you need not read any further, since each comes with a powder coat that virtually eliminates slippage concerns.

Edging lenses coated with super-hydrophobic (a.k.a. oleophobic) coatings and premium AR coatings that come on on some stock lenses can be a challenge. These coatings are so slippery, rotation can occur during the edging process causing the lens to come off-axis. Rotation can be particularly troublesome when edging minus poly or Trivex or high-add flat-top bifocals. The good news is there are a few easy steps you can take to completely eliminate worries about slippage which could very well lead to long life and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.*

Rotation occurs while edging because the torque applied exceeds the force required to overcome the adhesion between the lens and the block. Therefore, the two factors we need to consider are adhesion and torque.

Adhesion: good

jam_jar.jpg1. Remove dirt and oil from contact surfaces: Dirt and oil are enemies of adhesion and adhesion is your friend. So, eliminate your enemies by cleaning the lens with acetone or alcohol before blocking.
2. Do NOT touch adhesive or contact surfaces during blocking preparation: Touching adhesive or contact surfaces can introduce dirt and oil and kill your friend, adhesion.
3. Use an adhesive film between the lens and the blocking pad: Adhesive films strengthen the bond between the lens and blocking pad strong is good.
4. Ensure there are no bubbles or folds in adhesive film: Aside from being unattractive, bubbles and folds reduce contact area and render the film ineffective.
5. Use plastic blocks: Plastic blocks support your friend, adhesion. If you support your friend, she will undoubtedly show her appreciation.
6. Use quality pads and films: Laramy-K Optical independently tests each new pad and film when it is introduced. Our current testing has shown best performance is achieved using Secure Edge blocking pads and Riki II Power Pads from Miki-Sangyo. Laramy-K Optical supplies these pads free of charge with all non-powder-coated, super-hydrophobic product.

torque.jpgTorque: bad

1. Block on the lens center: Blocking on lens center reduces torque while edging.
2. Use the appropriate setting for your edger:

a. For weight-variable edgers use "Light" weight.
b. For chucking-pressure changeable edgers use "High" pressure.
c. For mode-changeable edgers use "Slow Down" mode.
d. For Santinelli edgers use "Passive" mode

3. When edging minus poly or Trivex: it may be necessary to take the lens down in two or three passes. Santinelli edgers use a "Soft" mode to accomplish this.

Follow these simple rules and you could be a super-hydrophobic edging superstar on your way to the good life*, not to mention all your patients will love you for hooking them up with the latest in super-cool super-hydrophobic AR coatings and will surely tell all their friends.

* Scientific studies have shown that reduced stress improves heart health and may lead to longer life. Reduced scrap costs translate directly to your bottom line. While results of long life and wealth may vary, your edging results will be consistent and accurate.