3D Printed Ophthalmic Lenses – Why Not?

When I was young and dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, I began my experience as a trainer with LensCrafters. In their introduction video for new hires, there was a quote that has always stuck with me: “Don’t ask ‘Why.’ Ask instead, ‘Why not?” That kind of thinking was...

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Digging Into Camber

Younger, the company behind the Camber series of lens blanks says, “A progressive lens has many powers, hence it has many ideal base curves, increasing in diopter from top to bottom.”   Let’s see if we can dig a little deeper here and figure out just exactly what that...

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Why Opticians Get No Respect

Eyewear sales make up well over half of all revenue in the eyecare industry. So, why is it then that opticians receive so little in the way of compensation and respect? Could it be they’re playing in the wrong sandbox? Most opticians insist on playing in the medical...

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Enable Your Customers To Market For You

Raymond Opticians uses a clever background for pictures of their customers in their new frames. They create something "shareable" for their customers, making easy for them to tell their friends how awesome their optician is. Have you thought about doing something...

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