David Rips, President of Younger Optics discusses Camber lenses and Laramy-K Optical Lab in the January 2015 edition of LabTalk magazine.

2014 saw the introduction of Camber, a revolutionary new digital lens technology developed by Younger Optics in partnership with IOT. Camber lenses are now being offered by a growing number of independent laboratories, most of whom market Camber lenses under a house brand of digital lens designs.

Independent laboratory Laramy-K Optical offers its brand, Integrity Freeform lenses, with Camber technology. Owner Janet Benjamin says, “We offer Camber lenses because they are simply the best technology in the market today. For Laramy-K, benefiting the wearer is the biggest benefit to us as a company.”

How does a Camber lens differ from a standard back-side digital progressive lens? It starts with an innovative new lens blank design, one that features a continuously increasing base curve from the top to the bottom of the lens. This helps to provide the appropriate base curve in each zone of the lens. Its sophisticated back surface digital design is enhanced with IOT’s Digital Ray-Path technology. Once processed, both surfaces work in tandem to create the Camber finished lens design, which offers expanded reading zones, improved peripheral vision, and a more cosmetically appealing (flatter) finished lens shape. A wearer [and master optician] in Israel writes, “I am amazed with this design. It feels just like single vision. There is absolutely no distortion at the edges. I think this is the best progressive I’ve had in 30 years.”

Camber lenses are available in five materials, in 8 base curves. NuPolar and Transitions Signature styles are also available.

David Rips
President, Younger Optics