NEW! Lens Availability Database

It’s finally here! Over the past year we have been developing a lens availability tool that imports data directly from lens manufacturers and summarizes the data into five categories, including PALs, multifocals, SF SV, and finished stock, to provide the most current...

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Internet Opticals: Bane or Opportunity?

Internet opticals are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Optician’s seemingly self-serving warnings of poor quality, improper fit, and less-than-optimal vision, appear to be falling on deaf ears. The bottom line is, for many people… well, "the bottom line,"...

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In-House Edging Library

Jobson has put together an online resource for in-house edging, called the Partnership for In-Office Edging. The website combines past articles from 20/20 and Vision Monday to provide a valuable library for those considering or running an in-house finishing...

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The Perfect Storm of Customer Delight

I have to admit, I love Costco. I know they fall under the category of Big Box stores so many people love to hate. However, the difference between Costco and most Big Boxes is Costco knows how to deliver a customer experience. Their friendly staff, ever-changing...

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Strategy vs. Tactics

A couple good posts were written this week on strategy vs. tactics which boil down the importance of seeing the bigger picture and being more proactive vs. reactive.   Seth Godin writes about the role of patience and perseverance in a successful web strategy. However,...

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Sales Lessons from a Turkish Rug Dealer

A fascinating account of an unintended purchase While much of this story makes me squirm in my chair, reminding me of tactics used by timeshare sales weasels, there are some valuable takeaways here. First of all, I’m not entirely convinced the Turkish rug salesmen’s...

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Don’t Tell Me What Not to Do!

Simon Sinek, renowned business author, speaker, and consultant writes in his blog about American’s tendency to tell people what not to do. Don’t smoke. Don’t eat junk food. Don’t litter. Don’t vote for candidate X. He points out the ineffectiveness of this strategy...

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Is the Customer Always Right?

Dr. Neil Gailmard (not pictured here) is an ECP practice management consultant and author of Optometric Management's Tips of the Week. This week, Dr. Gailmard hits the nail on the head with his take on customer service and the ECP. In my experience, this is where eye...

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