Always Something

For some reason, I hadn't been receiving notifications of your comments. Consequently, some comments didn't actually get posted until now. This somehow seems vaguely familiar. Chalk it up as another reason for the recent server move. My apologies, Cindy and Mike....

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If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge

I watched a fascinating program over the weekend on the Discovery Channel about the power of the brain in extreme situations. One of the topics covered was harnessing the power of dreams. It seems when we dream, the brain's logic center is turned off, keeping us from...

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Speed is Good

We moved the blog and the optical lab site to a new server overnight. You may notice some random odd characters on the main site, an unfortunate side effect of the move, until we find them all and get them corrected. But, I think you will find both sites significantly...

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Who’s the Slacker Now?

...that would be me, of course. I know I have been remiss in my bloggerly duties as of late and posts have been sparse. I do hope you'll forgive me, given the projects that have been occupying much of my time; most notably, the OpenOptix initiative and the still...

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How Will the Recession Affect Your Business?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If looked at in the proper light, a recession can be a great opportunity for small business. Just as a down turn in the market is a signal to savvy investors to buy and look for bargains, a recession can be a perfect...

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Finding the "Why" in Your Business

Simon Sinek is a consultant whose goal is to inspire businesses to great things by helping them discover why they do what they do. He says that all businesses know what they do, but few actually know why they do it. Businesses that only know what they do are only able...

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Sales and Marketing are not the Enemies!

Too many optical professionals hold sales and marketing in contempt, partly because so many sales and marketing professionals employ questionable tactics and engage in deceit. But, for some reason, many believe the acts of selling and marketing are beneath them and...

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Marketing with Business Cards

Placing business cards on bulletin boards around the community is a popular way for local businesses to market themselves. However, as soon as someone takes your card off the board, your advertising is gone. The folks at Card Cues have come up with a handy solution...

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Service with a Smile

Ben McConnell at Church of the Customer points out a fine example of how HomeMade Pizza, a Chicago pizzeria, builds a customer experience though simple expressions of appreciation and interest in feedback; the kind of customer experience people talk about. You can...

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