Remove Scratches from 1.60 and 1.66 Product

Strange but True: You can easily remove most scratches from 1.60 and 1.66 product with a bowl of water and a microwave. Here's how: 1. Place scratched lens(es) in a bowl of water. Use enough water to ensure the lenses remain covered during the heating period. Important: Do not microwave AR coated lenses. 2. If multiple lenses are placed in the same bowl, make sure the lenses do not touch one another. 3. Heat the bowl of water containing the lenses in the microwave for 5 minutes on "high." 4. Allow the lenses to cool in the water for 10 to 15 minutes before...

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Flawlessly Edging Super-Hydrophobic Lenses

In just minutes a day, you too can edge super-hydrophobic lenses flawlessly! Editors note: If you are working with our own ICE, UVARity, TKO Plus, or TKO Ultra, you need not read any further, since each comes with a powder coat that virtually eliminates slippage concerns. Edging lenses coated with super-hydrophobic (a.k.a. oleophobic) coatings like Zeiss Carat Advantage,  HOYA Super Hi-Vision, and premium ARs that come on on some stock lenses can be a challenge. These coatings are so slippery, rotation can occur during the edging process causing the lens to come off-axis. Rotation can be...

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